Friday, January 14, 2011

My {Super Awesome} Wedding Video - Part 4

This is the beginning of the part of my wedding that I hadn't seen until this last Christmas - the actual day of our wedding.  (We showed the first part at our reception, so I had obviously already seen that.)  In between the next clips I'll show you, are clips of people at our reception telling us congratulations, and giving us amusing advice.  I'm not going to post those clips, only because I think some people would be immensely embarrassed.  And I mean, I'm all about embarrassing people.  But, you know.  Plus, it's not nearly as entertaining if you have no idea who the people are.

If you haven't seen the first parts of the video, look here and here.
I'm only going to show you the first little bit.  Because I'm all about cliffhangers.

By far the best day of my life.

Have a super weekend, Internet!


  1. I love the song--Coldplay is my fave!

  2. Love IT!!! And what is the song?? Oh, and the socks? FANTASTIC! ha! You guys are a couple of nuts... sure sign of a lasting thing ;)

  3. OMG. You two are so freaking adorable!!!!

  4. ok, love that song, for one. :)
    for two, did your husband have braces before?
    just curious, in that last smile i thought i could see it in his lips. just sayin'. there's totally a braces lip-shape in people's smiles.
    i loved your dress, and your rad socks that make me laugh every time i bring up your blog!!!! and the oldschool black & white silent movie style when ya'll descended the temple steps. :) that was way rad!
    have a great week!