Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My {Super Awesome} Wedding Video - Part 5

If you've missed the first four installments of the best wedding video ever, peruse the links below.

And this clip is mostly from our reception that we held at Noah's.
I loved everything about our reception.  Everything went perfectly.
Well, mostly everything.  But more on that later.

(Remember that I've cut out all the people telling us congratulations and giving us advice, which is why the end is so abrupt.)

Happy Longest-Day-of-the-Week, Internet.


  1. This looks really nice :)
    Did you get to eat any of that food? Cause I once heard that you never get to eat anything at your own wedding, being too busy with guests and all.

  2. OMG why did I watch this?! So many delicious looking desserts! NOM NOM NOM. Gorgeous video. So jealous of your wedding video(s) - they are so freakin' awesome.