Sunday, January 9, 2011

My [Super Awesome] Wedding Video - Part Two. And Three.

If you missed the first part of the wedding video, look here.

Here's part two - WEE!

Aaaaaand part three, because I know the suspense is just killing you.

If you'd like the totally unabridged version, look here.

Hope your weekend was SUPER.

Mine involved lots of Mario Party, watching Friends, burning pumpkin chocolate chip bread and of course, harvesting my crops on my virtual Frontier.

Oh, and my dog chewing my wedding shoes.  Asshole.

Cheers, Internet!


  1. Gasp! The shoes are the only part of my wedding attire that I kept (well, that and the rings!), and I would SOB if my dogs chewed on them!

  2. OMG. Those video clips are absolutely amazing! That is the one thing I really regret about the wedding process - I wish we had a wedding video! I LOVE yours! It's so adorable and you two are the cutest couple!! And I'm so sorry about the wedding shoes. Asshole.

  3. hey did i mention that you're a gorgeous blond too! your dark hair is lovely, but the blond is as well. :)

    sweet kiss story! a '15' eh, shawn?! so rad!

    and i LOVE that you were to proposed to on ensign peak! that's one of my most favorite places in the WORLD!!!! super spiritual blessings happen there. :) (and since you live nearer to there than i do, i'm sure you already know the stories of that place. ::hugs::)

    "...and i can't wait to have a family with her..." [insert here:"....and have a jeep and a dog with her...."]

    luv luv luv!

    enjoy your week. :)

  4. This is so sweet!
    Random--my best friend who goes to BYU-I texted me today and said, "Did you watch the videos yet on Chelsea's Psycho Babble?!"

    She loved watching this because she is waiting on her boyfriend to return from his mission and they dated all through high school so she's hoping their story ends like ya'lls.

    Anyway like I said, random.

  5. How funny that you were posting these as we are trying to figure out who is going to film ours!
    I love yours. too sweet, and perfect.
    Too bad we dont have someone like you did!
    those are wonderful videos :)