Friday, January 7, 2011

Today is Friday, Today is Friday...

So I have definitely sucked at blogging this week.  Woopsie daisy!   But it's kind of for a good reason.  My cousin decided that it would be mildly amusing to have a bunch of people blog about The Bachelor.  And obviously I was all over that idea.  So I've been giving that blog a little more love than I have this one this week. The good news for you guys is that now you have a choice if you want to hear me go on and on about this season of The Bachelor - you can just mosey on over to The Bachelor Overdose where you will hear every single tiny little opinion I have of each episode.  And if you don't want to hear another word about The Bachelor - you can just stay right here, and rest assured I'll keep Bachelor shenanigans out of this little slice of the internet.

So since I don't want this post to be completely about whoring another blog out.  I'll leave you with a couple of video gems.  Because I did remember the video camera this morning.  Fist pump.

This is why I love my husband.
Kind of a lame video, I kept missing all the funny parts.  But I felt like an idiot holding a video camera up to the computer.  

And this is a not so great video of our special New Year's Eve tradition...
Couch + Skiis = Pretty fun and potentially harmful toy.

Okay.  So the rest of the videos are lame.  Soooo, that is all.

Well except for this.  Because it's funny. 

Courtesy of Google Images.

Any fun plans for the weekend, Internet?

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  1. I just cannot get excited about Brad the Bachelor. I don't find him attractive, and come on, HE ALREADY DID THIS!! Ugh.