Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You Know Your Life is Boring When You Blog About Frontierville

I was going to show you what we did over the New Year, via video.  But naturally I left my camcorder at home.  Again.  


But other than that, nothing really earth shattering has happened.  Which is really okay, I guess.  Because the  earth-shattering stuff usually gives me anxiety.

That said, here's how exciting and non-shattered my world is...

We received Super Mario Bros for our Wii for Christmas and finally played it.  Shawn beat me at pretty much everything.  Except for the flag cranking game.  My wrist skills are unparalleled.  Which is only kind of awkward.

Toby has taken a new liking to my bras.  And my underwear.  And certain party favors that belong in the trash can in the bathroom.  There isn't a whole lot of anything that's more embarrassing than your dog running into a living room full of people, with a used pad in his mouth.  Basically, my dog is a huge perv.

I found a gift card from Target stashed away in all the cards from our wedding.  Yahtzee.  

And it just may or may not have occurred to me that we haven't sent out thank you cards for our wedding gifts we received last April.  *Cough*  How late is too late?  (Seriously, on a scale of 1-10, how lame would it be to send them this late?  Because I have about half of them written, just not... sent.)

I've never been a huge soda or caffeine addict.  But lately I've been craving Coke like it's going out of style.  

Ah, the return of The Bachelor.  Who's watching this season?  Seriously.  Because I'm not going to inundate you with my opinions every week unless some of you are actually watching.  Okay okay, maybe a few opinions to start.  Emily is our favorite so far (Shawn's, especially).  What the fang girl?  Craaazyyyy.  Didn't watch Brad's first season, but he doesn't seem real swoon worthy.  Unless he's not wearing a shirt.  And I love that girls are already crying on the first episode.  Yes.  Let the judging begin.

Remember how Shawn and I, out of sheer coolness, fart around on Facebook's Frontierville for hours on end?  We have to request things from our "neighbors" to finish our "missions."  (Sorry, Facebook friends.  You've probably already hidden my posts by now.  Your loss.)  Anyways, the pointless hours we spend on that damn game are almost worth it when we see the gems that show up on everyone's News Feeds.  Seriously.  Look at these.

All I have to say is that those were anything but an innocent accident.  Mildly amusing though, right?

Anyways.  That's my life, pretty much.  Thrilling, right?  
How exciting is your life right now?


  1. Never too late for thank you notes! We were sending ours out MONTHS after the wedding. The guilt was eating me alive.

  2. Letting you know that I'm now a follower. (I hate it when people follow me and don't leave a message..makes me feel like they are being all stalkerish (yes, I know, not a real word) or something!!)
    I vote for going ahead and sending out the thank you notes! Better late than never! Besides, it took me...ahem....*mumbling*....11 months to get all of my wedding thank yous out.

  3. Oh Chelsea that dog of yours!!!!!! Geez. :P

    And seriously, omg at the Frontierville screen shots. Lmao. I gave up on Facebook apps long ago, but Zynga is notorious for being sexually deviant when they come up with the little notification things. It's amusing and sad, really... :)

  4. Yep, I agree, it's never too late for thank you notes. My policy is that if I get a thank you note for a wedding gift, I'm more willing to buy a baby gift down the road. So it's definitely not too late! :)

  5. nice on the frontierville jazz. hee hee.
    as for your TY notes, according to proper etiquette, you have 12 months to send those puppies out. so you're still good! :)
    not gonna lie, glad i wasn't drinking anything when i read through toby's current obsessions! ha ha! that woulda cleared out my sinuses for sure! have missed ya. sorry i've been MIA. (stupid computer.)

  6. It's never too late to send out a thank you card. Just blame the new husband...you'll do that a lot ;)

  7. I'm a farmville fan myself, but good for you! Erm, we got married in September 09, and still have some cards we haven't mailed.... ooops....

  8. YOu have nothing better to do? Farmville??? Come on girl. Cant shawn do a lil sum sum to get you to write about something better than farmville. I mean I will still read your blog but damn, I thought I was bad blogging about the Jonas bros

  9. totally rad! both seth & i were 22 as well, when we got married. we grew up together since 1st grade, but didn't date until i was in college and he was home from his mission. :) isn't it so nice to have history? even down to "remember how that one teacher did that one thing with his hair?!" ya know? :)