Friday, February 18, 2011

{Insert Relevant Title Here}

Konichiwa, Internet!  

I know my posts have been boring and sporadic lately.  
It's really just a test, to see how much you really like me.

So since it's Friday, and no one likes using brain power on Friday - I'mma bullet this baby out for you.

-Our Valentine's Day was actually fairly low key.  Which I am totally cool with.  (Even though at one point I was positive that every "first" holiday with my new husband had to be EPIC.)  My husband surprised me with dinner when I got home from work.  Candles, music, bubble baths... You know - typical Valentine's Day foreplay.  We ended up at WalMart, because we're all about keeping Valentine's Day high class - and bought some super healthy snacks.

You know, or not.  (My favorite part of this picture is the bottle of Excedrin on the Samoa ice cream.)  We stuffed our faces in true holiday fashion while we watched The Bachelor in our sweats.  Our first V-day was simple and relaxing.  Perfect.

-Speaking of the Samoa ice cream...  Biggest. Disappointment. Ever.  I kept hoping that with every spoonful it would get better - but it just didn't.  You know an ice cream is bad when the chunks aren't even good.  You know I'll still eat it though.  Because when you let ice cream go to waste, the terrorists win.

-My husband and I just watched the first season of Modern Family.  Best. choice. ever.

-I got bored one day and decided to paint my fingernails.  I rarely paint my fingernails.  In fact, I think the last time they were painted was when I was like, 13.  Why?  Because within the first day, this happens:

I had three colors to choose from.  Pink, black, and sparkly. Check out my emo-fabulous self.

And it drives. me. crazy.  I can't stop thinking about how my fingernails don't match.  My OCD goes into over drive, and I peel it all off. Same thing happens when I get acrylic nails and one of them breaks off.  I like my ish to match.  

-My little sister had her birthday party at a place called Karaoke Cafe.  It's a neat little place where families and whoever can come to, you guessed it, sing karaoke.  Shawn and I classed up the joint with a little rendition of "Baby Got Back."  It wasn't until the words, "that butt you got makes me so horny" came out my mouth that it donned on me that the song choice probably wasn't all too appropriate for a bunch of 14 year old girls.  Oops.

-Today is my parent's anniversary.  I've reminded myself every day this week to remember to wish them a happy one when today arrived.  Did I?  No.  Child fail.  Happy 24th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!  I lover you TONS!

-My birthday is soon.  Like 12 days soon.  If you want to send me a present - I won't stop you.  I want Pajama Jeans - because, hello.  It's pajamas in stealth mode.  Pajamas you can wear to work on Fridays.  Pajamas that trick everyone.  You're like a walking optical illusion when you have Pajama Jeans.  I must have them now.  Or in 12 days.  You know, whatever.

-My pervy dog chewed through the strap of my most expensive bra.  And then I killed him.

That is all, dear friends.

Peace and blessings.


  1. You and Sara and your pajama jeans!

    By the way, now all the ads on your sidebar are for pajamas and tampons. Just sayin'.

  2. Shawn has to be more careful where he throws those bra's.

  3. i love all the junkfood. i also REALLY want pajama jeans. i laughed the first time i saw the commercial and a few seconds later it hit me that they are absolutely genious. must. buy. now.

  4. LOL... I was looking at the photo and thinking, "Geez, I love how the bottle of Excedrin is sitting on top of the ice cream." (I buy a lot of Excedrin Migraine.) And then you pointed it out. Awesome. Glad you had a super duper high class V-Day!!!

  5. And where should I send fabulous birthday gift to? Hmmmm?

    I'm dying for those pajama jeans too. I think they may just change my life. Forever.

    I too just discovered the genius and hilarity that is Modern Family. My husband now has a huge crush on Sofia Vergara. Or whatever her name is. You know, the busty latin one.

    TGIF lady. Have a good weekend.

  6. The Samoa ice cream disappointment made me die a little inside. Perhaps it's Walmart's fault...maybe they tainted it...they taint everything.

  7. Damn, and those bras are not fun to spend money on! I'd much rather buy more junk food at Walmart. Or a doggie shock collar.

  8. I totally agree with the disapointment of Samoa icecream. I recomend Thin Mint next time I found it much more satisfying!

  9. I loooove Modern Family!!! That, LOST, and Friends = best TV shows ever. So glad you joined the bandwagon. :)