Thursday, February 24, 2011

So, I May Have Gotten a Little GIF Happy.

So remember that one time I told you I had exciting news?  

funny gifs
I definitely laughed at this one for like, 8 minutes.

Granted, it's probably more exciting to me than to any of you.  But nevertheless - I'm going to tell you all, because I can.  Are you ready?

*Drum roll*

I gave my notice of resignation at my current job.  WOO!

funny gifs


Because I got a job with [Insert airline here].  WOO!

Yeah, so sorry if you were hoping that I was going to tell you something... more exciting.  Like that I got my own reality TV show, or that I won the Publisher Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, or that my husband bought me an iPhone for my (less than a week away) birthday.  Cough.   But eh, what can ya do?  While the job isn't super glamorous - it has a crap ton of super awesome perks that not very many jobs offer.  I think my favorite ones are that I get to work from home, in my pajamas and the free airfare for me and the fam.  Yahtzee!

As super excited as I am to be able to work in my pajamas, I'm kind of nervous.  Not because I think it'll be hard, or that I won't be able to remember all the information - but because I absolutely hate change.  Just ask my husband.  Or anyone who knows me, really.

I still buy the same brand of jam my mom has bought ever since I can remember.

I rarely try something new things at restaurants I'm familiar with.  If I ordered it once and liked it, that's what I'll always order.  You know I'm feeling extra crazy when I order something besides a turkey sandwich from Subway.

I have the same email address and password I had when I was in seventh grade.

The URL of my blog is still my maiden name.  (Sorry, husband.)

I hate moving.  Even if it's moving from an apartment to our very own house.

You get the gist, right?  I'm not big on going out of my comfort zone. You know, that, or I'm just lazy.  But I think I'll go with the former.  So even though I hate the thought of leaving a job that I've been with for two and a half years - this will be a good opportunity for me.  Hopefully.

I can honestly say that even though I feel (and look) pretty much like death, and even though I'm about to explode from all the drama at work, and even though I've entered about 84,000 contests to win an iPad with little success, and even though I've crossed the "overweight" threshold on the stupid $#@$@%@#$ BMI chart - I'm really pretty happy with my life.  I would have it no other way.  I'm a very lucky girl!

Hope you had a super Thursday!


  1. Congrats on the new job! And how can I get one like that?

  2. Blasted BMI. It can die now.

    Congrats on the new job!

  3. Congratulations, Chelsea!! Sounds like a freakin awesome job! Jet Blue flies out of Houston Hobby which is literally 20 minutes away from me. I've always wanted to fly them! What awesome perks!! I'm loving those animated gifs, btw.

  4. Yay!!! Congrats!! How exciting. I hope that everything goes well for you. Can't waitfor the day when I can tell my boss to kindly and professionally fack off...wait I mean I quit;)

  5. Yay! I'm excited for you! And a little jealous. I want to work out of my peejays.

  6. Woohoo, exciting! Sounds like a dream job - working in PJs + free airfare?? Uh, sign ME up! That's awesome!

  7. Congratulations! I'm super happy for you! My sis worked for SW airlines for a while and LOVED it. I bet you will too. And yey for the perks! I got free buddy passes from my sis for a year and I flew to pick up a new car, flew to Utah for a visit, flew to San Francisco just for one day... My sister used to fly to Hawaii on her weekends. How freaking cool is that? You're going to have some adventures, I think. :)

  8. woo hoo! congrats on the new job! but i know EXACTLY what you mean about change. i'm not a happy camper when it comes to that very much either. except with church. i love when we get a new ward, or a new family in our ward, or a new calling, or like this past week when we get a new stake! that change i can handle cause it's exciting to stir the stagnate pot. however, all the other change? yeah i can do without that entirely! (i'm even the same at restaurants. lol.)

  9. congrats you got a job i am happy that you received the job.