Monday, February 7, 2011

This One is Boring. REAL Boring.

So I've been totally putting off the blog, mostly because nothing overly exciting has been happening.  Like, at all.  Unless exciting in your world equals me getting a steak sandwich at Subway, rather than the usual turkey sandwich.  Or wax lady waxing my eyebrow in half.  Or me sleeping through the entire Super Bowl.  Or the government raping our bank account.

You see?  Obviously my life is just way too riveting.

I may actually have some exciting news in the near future - but until I know it's a for sure thing, I probably shouldn't jinx it on my blog.  And no, it has nothing to do with any new developments in my uterus.  Sorry.

I've sat here for about 10 minutes trying to think of something interesting I can blog about, and the only thing I'm coming up with is that I had a dream that I stabbed my husband.  But I only did it, because I had to, and I knew it wouldn't hurt him.  I don't remember much more than that.  Super pleasant, right?  Meanwhile, my husband is having the baby dreams.  Except his dream babies don't die, they coming shooting out of my baby maker, bouncing on the floor - and then are walking and talking within hours of being born.  Hello.

So I'm just going to go ahead and leave it at that.  Because let's be honest, this is boring.  And I have a test to study for.  Sigh.

I'm alive.
I'm (really) happy.
And I still like reading comments.  Cough.

So tell me about your weekends/lives/dreams - I'd bet 20 bucks they're more interesting than mine.  Ain't nothing like vicariously living through the Internet.  



  1. All of your posts crack me up. You could tell me about anything and I'd giggle because you're just too cute. Wow, that's a crazy dream to have-- stabbing your husband. I hardly ever remember my dreams, so that one would definitely startle me.

  2. Oh, God. My dreams are so x-rated right now its scary.

  3. See that is why you and Shawn need to get the action going and have some kids. You would never be able to say "Im BORED" Hell no. And as far as what we did...Well lets see

    ..Pushed a old lady down the stairs
    ..flattened some tires at the Mall
    ..Went around and asked ladies if they wanted to get pregnant
    ..Went around taste testing every place in the food court
    ..Tried on clothes at Victoria Secret
    ..Actually bought and wore some womens panties from Victoria Secret...

    And that was just Friday Night

  4. Hey, we all get bloggy blocks sometimes! You'll push through it and be back with zany tales from the life of Chelsea in no time ;) Very curious about this exciting news!

  5. nothing exciting here except i've been sick for the past 5 days and everything that was supposed to happen (as in oodles of stuff that had so much pressure built up in my life the-sodapop-bottle-was-gonna-explode-sorta scheduling) happened without me as i sacked out on the couch. :( not fun. i hate drowning in my own mucus. and then let's not even mention further details of the snot slugs that are the direct result of a healthy (though it doesn't seem that way) dose of mucinex. i'm sure i totally just grossed you out there. but i'm not gonna lie. my hubby & i had an entire convo about the scientific classification of the snot slug sub-species....might have been the heavy doses of nyquil at work though. be glad you have a test to study for and not those gross things to keep at bay. :) i'm headed back to bed. LKP-out!

  6. Oh snap. I just filled out the comment box about how my daughter keeps tearing off her pants and pull ups yelling "buuuuuuuuuutt!!!" when she in fact decided to go ahead and do it and tried to pee in the middle of the lving room as I was typing. And I deleted the comment by mistake chasing after her.

    So yeaaaaaaaaah....oh and I'm snotting something fierce from my left nostril. Right one is plugged up. I think permanately. Should I be concerned I typically only breath through one nostril? Hmmm. Get back to me on that one would ya? I clearly cannot spell today either.

    Good luck with your test.

  7. It's a good thing I don't have a car radio because I just heard that Cee-Lo song "f- you" for the first time. And I'd be so yelling that out the window.