Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winning is Better Than Pretty Much Anything

Ah, Tuesday.  The day with 39 hours.  Or so it would seem.  Seriously, do Tuesdays seem super, extra way longer than all the other days?  Nothing is more depressing than looking at the clock thinking 3 hours have passed, and only 23 minutes have passed.  Okay, so there might be more depressing things.  Like 3 legged dogs, and Smith's running out of Coconut Dreams.  But, seriously.

Anyways.  On with the funner stuff.  (Why can't funner be a word?  Everyone uses it.)

Congratulations to the super lucky winners of a special handmade present from ME.  I still have no idea what I'm going to make, but I have a feeling it will be different for every single person.  Because, why not?  So, if the following people could kindly email me your mailing address (I promise I won't stalk you), your favorite color, your favorite animal, and really anything that will aid me in sending you something that won't end up in a charity bin the next day - that would be lovely.  You can email me at PrincessChels00@hotmail.com.  Yes, the email I've had since 7th grade.  Obviously I'm awesome.

Angela Noelle
Kate Rowan
Meg O.

*I'm pretty sure I've got your address down.  ;)
**Fertility beads?  YES.
***I like you.  So even though you aren't "playing"/were the 11th comment, I'll still send you a special present.

For the rest of you that are pretty depressed about not getting a homemade present - fear not!  I'm thinking about doing a special "Things I Love" giveaway for my birthday (inamonth)  - and I'll send you some of the things I LOVE.  How fun am I?  You want to win that one, because you know there will be Coconut Dreams in that package.  Yahtzee!  

(On a sort of related note, anyone aware that they have Samoa ice cream!?  Just in case you haven't caught on, that's like Coconut Dream ice cream.  Oh.  Em.  Gee.)  

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to find a very covert way that I can study for my Human Sexuality labeling test at the front desk.  If the next post you see on this blog is entitled, "Why You Shouldn't Study Human Sexuality at Work," you'll know I failed.  

Happy February, Internet!


  1. lol. AWESOME. and bummer at the same time. since i just BARELY got through my google reader to your little giveaway post (that's what i get for being away from the computer for too long, lol). its called the "shaft"--as in that's what i get, not as in further assistance with your human sexuality class studies. LOL! but i AM slightly jealous of the fertility beads dealio for lunablue.
    btw, i FINALLY watched bride wars today, and for some reason i couldn't help but think of you & your hubby. not that you'd battle over the plaza in NYC or anything. it's just liv (kate hudson, who i'm not normally a fan of but loved in this movie)and her fiance's relationship. i just figured from everything you've shared here that you & shawn have a similar relationship. i could soooo hear your hubby telling you what a sexy smurf you are, lol! cherish it. those are the best relationships.
    also, as for the carpet vs. hardwood floor thing? yeah, you're so right about dealing with new puppy and hardwood floors. princess willow just went into heat about a week or so ago and for THAT reason alone i'm grateful for theses damnable floors. :)
    happy tuesday! (don't.get.caught.btw.)

  2. Wait...what?! How did I miss a giveaway of Chelsea awesomeness? Dag nab it.

    Congrats to the winners :)

  3. YAY!! I'm so excited. We played It Came to Pass for FHE a couple weeks ago and the kids LOVED it! Mike fell asleep so he didn't get to play. Too bad for him, he missed out :)

  4. OMG! I GET A PRESENT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! E-mailing you like.... right now!!!