Monday, March 7, 2011

Turns Out I'M ALIVE.

So, I realize it's been over a week since I blogged - not for lack of anything interesting happening - mostly out of lack of motivation to sit down and write about it.  I'd apologize, but eh - you know how it goes.  So we'll do a quick catch up and hopefully get back to some regularly scheduled babble...

-So, my birthday was last Wednesday - and it was super.  My studly husband made me breakfast in bed and when I was done I started to get ready for work - and he told me to go back to bed.  Apparently he had called my manager a few days ago and secretly got the day off for me.  Best. surprise. ever.  He had a trip to the temple and some massages planned, but he ended up working for longer than he had anticipated - so it didn't all work out, which was totally fine by me.  Anyone who knows me knows that I'm totally down with lazying around in my pajamas all day - I did however go and get mah toenails did.  We went and got something to eat and had dessert with the family.  Pretty low key - which is how I like it.

-Speaking of my birthday - my presents were awesome.  My inner 7-year-old is dying to show them off.  The day before my birthday Shawn gave me Pretty Pretty Princess.  Ladies, remember that game?

I had mentioned to Shawn a few months ago that that game was my favorite when I was younger.  How cute is he?  You better believe I'll make him play it with me one of these days.  And there will be pictures.  He also got me a special Bluetooth stereo for my Jeep.  Aaaaaand a camera!  WOOP!  You'd think that since I got a camera, I'd have pictures for this post - but I don't.  I looked like an overweight handicap in the pictures that were taken of me on my birthday.  Soooo, we'll keep trying.  Oh, and also.. Coconut Dreams.  You better believe I got me some of those.  And my sister-in-law made me an elephant necklace to go with my elephant ring.  Now I just need some elephant earrings and I think my life will officially be complete. I take that back.  My life will be complete when I own a puppy sized elephant.  Because, that happens.

-And last birthday note - we had a "birthday party" of sorts this last weekend at the same place my little sister had her birthday party - Karaoke Cafe.  Because I'm a party animal.  It was pretty fun - Shawn and I sang a lovely rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, which I'm embarrassed to say was streamed live on their website.  If you want to witness just how bad of singers we are, please skip to around 1:19.  And don't judge me.

American Idol material, amiright?  Needless to say, our terrible voices made for a few hours of entertainment.  The suckier you are, the funner karaoke is.  That's what I say.

-Our fish finally died.  That thing was ultra-crazy.  He'd constantly convulse and then jump in and out of his water.  It was time.  Besides, I hated cleaning that fish tank.  And when I say that, I mean I hated smelling the tank when my husband would clean it.  Gave my gag reflexes a run for their money.  RIP, Alfredo.

-Toby is getting fatter by the second - but he's still the cutest fat puppy ever.  His new favorite place is our bed.  Which probably explains why I wake up with dog fur in my mouth every morning.

I seriously can't get enough of how much he loves to lay on his back.

-We saw I Am Number Four this weekend.  All I have to say is that I'd totally tap that.  Yes please.

-In the last week three people have come up to me and said that I look exactly like someone they know.  Three.  One was this creepy dude who just came up and stared at me and was like, "Don't you know who I AM?!"  I was like, "Yeah, um.  No dude."  That was awkward for everyone involved.  Except for my husband - who found it all too amusing.  I must have "one of those faces."

Anyawys, I just ate about 849 Dove chocolates.  Excuse me while I go throw up.
Oh, and happy Monday.  I'll try and be back SOON.


  1. Haha, you crack me up! Especially these lines:

    "All I have to say is that I'd totally tap that. Yes please."

    "Anyways, I just ate about 849 Dove chocolates. Excuse me while I go throw up."

    Glad you're back! And happy (belated) birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday!! How awesome re: Pretty Pretty Princess! I LOVED that game!! Shawn is awesome. And you guys were probably the most entertaining out of the bunch in that karaoke place. Can we say snooze fest for the rest of those people?

  3. LOVE IT! happy birthday! I totally know what you mean about a good day in your PJs (and a pedicure!). love it.

    And Rufus? yeah my dog does that too- but imagine a dog doing that about 45 lbs heavier. yeah.

    pretty pretty princesses!!!

  4. They very best thing about the part where you're in that video is that really manly scream when they announce that it's you turn :D gotta love that :D
    Oh and Happy Birthday!

  5. I only wish that my husband was that thoughtful. Like howi keep hinting about the time my grandfather took out all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charm box and put them in a jar for me. So when I wanted a bowl of lucky charms I could sprinkle my bowl with a bazillion marshmallows and a dash of milk...husband thinks it was ridiculous. Pft. Jerk.
    But I love that your husband listens and he may just be husband of the year.
    PS. Happy Birthday!