Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Time, Couches, and Getting Fat

So since I've already wasted most my morning by sleeping in until practically noon, I'm going to go ahead and bullet this baby out for you.

-I have Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays off.  I barely even know what to do with myself with all the free time. Especially with Shawn gone.  So I usually just end up spending money at various stores on things I think we need.  Which you know, I hear husbands really like.  (Apparently they don't grasp the importance of broccoli steamers and matching hand towels for the bathroom.)  I even found myself watching Good Things Utah one morning, and felt old and lame.  I would imagine it's only a matter of time before my inner Martha Stewart comes raging out.  Which probably isn't so bad, because I still need to make presents for all you winners.  See?  I haven't forgotten.  WOO!

-Speaking of buying things I think we need, we purchased a couch set yesterday, and I'm beyond thrilled about it.  And since my husband managed to break my camera, I'm just going to use the picture from the website to show you.

They look 572839472304 times better than the half-eaten hippie couch we had residing in here previously.  Not to mention there's more room for people to sit.  Before, it was just the gross couch and the beanbag that Toby may or may not have peed on a few times.  Super classy.  I'm just waiting to see how Toby decides to destroy these babies.  When we brought them into the house, we hadn't even taken them out of the plastic and Toby had already peed all over one of them.  Dumb schmuck.

-I mowed the lawn for the first time since I was, oh, 13 years old.  I'm sure husband was beyond thrilled while I practically sprinted behind the lawn mower.  Those suckers go a lot faster than I remember.  Or maybe I'm just fat and slow now.  But in any event, I was pretty proud of myself.

-I can't remember if I told ya'll about the flower garden Shawn and I attempted to plant.  (You know, the flower garden we planted the day before it snowed.  Guh, Utah.)  We planted a bunch of random bulbs, and I'm proud to report that about 2 of the 15 bulbs we planted are sprouting.  One of the flowers we planted we thought was only 12 inches... But as I was looking at the package, I realized it said 12' not 12".  Needless to say we're pretty excited about our supposed 12 foot flower.  I'm pretty convinced we're going to have a special garden.  And by special, I mean totally ridiculous.  I'll be sure to take a picture once it has reached is full potential.  You know, and once Shawn buys me another camera.  Cough.

-I have about 25 episodes of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" currently on my DVR.  I can't bring myself to watch them, however.  Because whenever I do, it's pretty guaranteed that I'll take at least three pregnancy tests in the next week.  And that's only kind of lame.  Husband has my pregnancy test allowance currently set to a box a month.  Which is mostly funny, but semi pathetic.

-Speaking of not being pregnant, I've gained an embarrassing amount of weight in the last few months (which I realize usually has everything to do with actually being pregnant, but that's beside the point.)  And I have no idea why.  If anything I'm going to the gym more.  I mean, I'm no gym rat by any stretch of the imagination.  But, you know.  I don't know if my metabolism just decided one day that it hated me, or if stress is taking over my body.  But it's really gettin' me down.  Any explanations for completely random, sudden weight gain, Internet?

-Shawn and I got into a mild kerfuffle, mostly because I'm a brat.  But as a result, I ran away to a movie theater and watched Water for Elephants.  And I kind of really loved it.  Circuses, romance, Robert Pattinson in his non-twinkling hot version, and elephants?  Yes, please.  (But seriously, did we love Rob so much more in this movie than in Twilight?  I almost wanted him to come steal me away from my husband.  But you know, not really.)

-So, I really need to use my free flight benefits I get from this new job fast.  Because the benefits are just about the only thing keeping me there.  If you had a free flight on jetBlue, where would you fly?

My dog is whining like a baby because he's bored out of his mind. So because it's more annoying than anything, and not because I've run out of anything mildly entertaining to write, I'll just stop here.

Until next time, lovelies.  


  1. Kerfuffle. I love it!

    If I could go anywhere in the world? Ireland. Anywhere in the US? Hmmm...probably Louisiana...weird, right? Well I haven't seen my sister in years. 8 years to be exact.

    Water for Elephants was a great book. At some point, I'll try and find time for the movie.

    And weight gain...that would be my fault. I'm busting my ass to lose these last few pregnancy pounds and somehow I must have sent them your way. My bad. ;)

  2. What the hell was all that. Kidding. Get a muzzle for Toby so your new stuff does not get ripped up. Water for Elephants is the best you could do?

  3. I can't walk past the baby section in Target without getting depressed, and I'm not even married. So I guess we're both pathetic?

  4. Get pregnant, and you will lose 10 lbs overnight, thanks to everything smelling like garbage and food looking like poop. I'm serious. Its kinda disgusting.

  5. You need a mood changer, Woman!! Hop a flight to San Francisco, and take your man with you. Go to Alcatraz. You would love it. Buy a pretty purse in Chinatown for $5. You will smile. And then when you get back to snowy Utah it won't suck so much.

  6. Wow, awesome couches! We're actually flying JetBlue to NYC next month. I have a feeling I'm going to love it (never flown it before -- Southwest and Continental rule the airspace in Houston). I am so over my metabolism, too, btw.