Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Annoying "Vote for my Pet Cause He's the Cutest" Post

When we hacked Toby's manhood off (and by we, I mean a professionally trained veterinarian), we gave up the opportunity to pimp him out to all the lady Corgis to make a little extra money more totally radical puppies.  And let's be honest, those puppies would have been good looking.

And just in case you can't remember just how cute Toby was as a puppy...

Anyways... What's done is done.  Toby isn't going to magically grow fully functioning balls anytime soon - much to his chagrin, I'm sure.  So I decided if we can't pimp him out to the ladies, why not pimp him out to the likes of the internet - because I'm a superb human being like that.

A few Google "cutest pet contest" searches later and I found a few to enter Toby into.

And this is where I need ya'll to help a woman out.

I don't have any way of getting you to Toby's picture specifically, so you'll need to start rating the pet pictures until you see this picture:

And then you'll give him a 10, because hello.  He was in third place, and then went all the way to 10th in about t minus 7 seconds.  Which kind of depresses me.  My dog is hella better looking than the rest of those dogs.

The contest lasts until next Tuesday, I believe.  It won't actually give us money for winning - but I like winning so much, that I obviously had to blog about it.

Also?  On a semi-related note.  Please watch this video... If you're still not convinced that Corgis are the most awesome dog in the history of ever - this will help, I swear.  Shawn and I watched it at least 8 times because we were laughing so hard.  (It wouldn't let me embed the video here, sorry!)

Happy Wednesday, Internet!

Oh, and if I found you're one of the douche waffles giving my dog one star I'll mail you some anthrax.
Or something.


  1. Ok he is so facken cute. You have my vote. PS. I call it the Bob Barker special ;)

  2. Toby would get a 200 from me. He is soooooooooo FREAKING cute. I wish we lived near by each other so he and Dexter could have play dates ('cause Dexter's weird and likes dogs).

  3. This message is to Shawn: Love... you need to teach your wife the code name for anthrax. She can't just go around threatening the actual stuff all the time. Women...