Saturday, June 18, 2011

Birthdays, Fish Cupcakes, and Ugly Ass Pants

It's been a crazy week, Internet.  I've sat down about 84 times to recap some of my days, only to get sidetracked by Toby destroying something, my husband running around the house without pants, or any number of riveting reality television shows.  In any event, the dog is outside, and my husband... well, I don't really know where he is.  But let's just hope he's wearing pants.  Anyways, I have a little bit of time for a few bullets.  Rejoice.

-Toby had a birthday on Wednesday.  Since we were "saving money", we didn't really purchase anything for him - but rather gave him a stuffed animal we won at a game at Lagoon.  And when I say "won", I mean we essentially just paid the guy ten dollars for a stuffed animal.  (Which is ridiculous, I know.  But in the grand scheme of things, I wasn't going to walk out of there without a prize, because I like winning.  And paying $10 for a for sure prize as opposed to paying $30 and possibly not getting anything - sounds better to me.)

Here it is.  

Toby de-stuffed it in about 2.7 seconds.

-My lovely mother had a birthday the same day (Happy Birthday, Mom.  WEE.).  Which also happened to be the day that my little brother left on his mission.  And I also was working all day.  But we went to a movie with her and my dad, Midnight in Paris.  It was pretty good - except that I didn't understand 87% of the historical references.  Shawn and I also managed to sneak in about 9 boxes of candy in the back of his shirt.  We are Jedi masters of sneaking crap into theaters, yo.  (I suppose I come by it honestly.  My mother has been knows to sneak pizza boxes and gallons of milk into theaters.  True story.)

-I mowed our back lawn.  And found two dead birds.  Apparently Toby has been channeling his inner cat.  And it seriously grosses me out.

-Christian (brother on a mission) spoke in church this last Sunday prior to him leaving.  Afterwards, we had a crap ton of people over at my parent's house eating food.  My mom had asked us to bring cupcakes, which is simple enough.  But I decided I wanted to have awesome cupcakes a la Thanksgiving 2010.  So they didn't really turn out that awesome.  And I was impressed with them until people started asking what was with the fish cupcakes.

C'mon people.  Why the hell would I make fish cupcakes for a mission farewell.  I do see how people might think it's a fish if they were looking at it from a different angle.  But it's a tie and a badge, you know, like missionaries wear.

I didn't think it was a terribly huge stretch.  But oh well.  We also made cupcakes with the New Mexico flag on it.  Which isn't really as hard as it might sound when you see the flag...

Yeah.  Yellow frosting + that stringy licorice stuff.  Bam.  New Mexico cupcakes.  (I didn't get any pictures of those, because I was too busy screaming at everyone who thought there were fish on my cupcakes.) Anyways.  Everything went well - and we came home and I opened the fridge and found this...

Apparently I was mistaken when I thought we had frosted the 8,934 dozen cupcakes we had made.  This on top of all the freakin' cupcakes we brought home too.  I realize that I'm now complaining about having too many cupcakes.  Apparently my life is super hard.  (Cue giant collective eye roll.)

-We went to TJ Maxx and found the most odd pair of pants in the history of pants.

Why would anyone want that on their ass?  Well, besides my husband, who squealed like a school girl when he saw them.

Anyways, I start my shift in about 30 seconds - so I had better get going. 

Chelsea love you long time.


  1. 1) Fish cupcakes = most hilarious thing I've ever heard. I totally got that they were missionary shirts/ties/tags right away, so the fact that somebody didn't is awesome to me.

    2) WHY on earth would you need a gallon of milk in a movie theater? Pizza boxes I get, but... milk?

  2. Duh...duh duh duh...duh duh duhhhh....the eye of the tiger...could not resist. Please tell me that you know that song?
    Anyfishcakes, I would have eaten those cupcakes. Nom.
    PS. What's with the no pants rule?

  3. This.... this is why I love you! :) Good to hear you guys are doing well and loving life!! XoXo