Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Go Ahead, Pick Your Own Title.

Reason #73 Why You Should Buy a Cat Instead of a Dog
Reason #98 Why You Should Buy Your Bras at Wal Mart
Reason #11 Why Throwing Underwear on the Floor Midst Throes of Passion is Not an Option.
Reason #173,987,542 Why I Should Sell my Douche Waffle Dog to the Circus

The strap?  Seriously?  What dog goes for the strap over the lace?  

Oh, wait.  
The ones who eat wedding shoes, blinds, and used feminine hygiene products. 

Sometimes my dog is about as useless as my bra.


  1. Ha! My dog is notorious for snatching unmentionables and eating them. He's such an asshole.

  2. I can't help but giggle because you are probably one of the funniest people ever, but that is a sad situation. Damn you, Toby. Victoria's Secret is no laughing matter.