Wednesday, June 8, 2011

If you never hear from me again, this is why.

Today when I look out my window I see a less blue version of this:

Looks normal, right?

Except for there's a dude in that car.  And he's been sitting there for a good hour.  This isn't the first time it's happened either.  Apparently it's a popular thing in our neighborhood to park across from our house and hang out in your car.  Creepy much?

Normally I'd say, oh, they're probably there for the house across the street.  Except if that were the case why would they be parked on the side of their house.  Not to mention that no one lives in that house.

The dude is just sitting there looking at a bunch of papers and running his fingers through what hair he has left on his head - which I suppose is better than him sitting there doing nothing, and/or staring at my house.

But still.  Go to McDonald's or a gas station or your house and read your papers.  Don't park your creepy ass in front of someone's house and hang out for an hour or two.

I think the fact that I'm home alone, and bored out of my mind probably doesn't help the stories my imagination is coming up with of a balding man axing the shit out of my door and slaughtering me and my dog.

Now obviously that won't happen.  But I can assure you I will not be showering until my husband gets home.  Because if scary movies have taught me anything, it's that nothing good ever happens in the shower.  Especially when there are creepy, balding men camped out in front of your house.

May your Wednesday be less boring and creepy than my Wednesday.


  1. Okay, yeah, that is freaking weird. Maybe if it happens again, have a cop drive by as a courtesy check or something!

  2. haha, this is hilarious! One time when I was 13 or 14 the same thing happened to me. I was in the living room on the computer (which was in front of a huge window) and noticed a car parked in front of my house. I freaked out, grabbed the cordless phone and camped out in my parents closet for the rest of the day.

  3. Are you walking around nekkid in your house?

  4. Go and beat his ass and then hide behind the bushes and throw bags of dog poo at it. Or call the po po. You want me to have it repo'ed for ya