Wednesday, June 29, 2011

There's More Bounce in California.

So this past weekend husband and I decided to take advantage of our flight benefits and head over to Long Beach, California.  We were originally planning to go to Florida, but with all the premenstrual weather happening on the East coast, our chances of getting on a plane were about as good as the chances my bras have against Toby.

So we threw all our crap into a couple of suitcases and we were off!  We were able to rent a car because Hertz was doing a deal where they would waive the (incredible overpriced) underage fees.  (Just when we though 21 was the magical age.  Eff.)  We got ourselves a super sleek, sexy Chevy Aveo.  I made Shawn the "designated driver" and proceeded to make fun of him for driving a girl car around California.  And that, my friends, is straight out of the How To Be An Excellent Wife handbook.

We stayed at a Holiday Inn, nothing too fancy - but it served it's purpose well.  After we got settled in, it was around 8ish PM, so we decided to go exploring.  We found this totally random street that was chuck full of college age students roaming the streets hanging out at the bars, other little shops, and eating food set up on a bunch of random tables throughout the street.  It was the most random street in the history of ever, I swear.  All the houses around the street were full of younger people as well, people were sitting around fires in their front yard, playing with their dogs, and sometimes we could see straight into the windows where a bunch of people were hanging out.  Funnest. neighborhood. ever.  Shawn has a little video on his phone while we were walking down the street, so if I figure out a way to put it on here, I will.

We decided to be really exciting and get tickets to go on the Let's Make A Deal game show with Wayne Brady the next day.  Fun, right?!  (Not to mention, totally free.)  I had my chicken costume (oh, yeah) but we didn't really have anything for Shawn - we tried going to few stores but everything was starting to close.  We ended up in some huge costume store in Hollywood the next day where we purchased a 70 dollar hippie costume for Shawn.  That was about as low-end as we could get, next to slapping a diaper and binky on him.  Apparently he wanted to maintain a sliver of dignity.  Which is probably a good thing, because any pride I had went out the window the second I got out of the car and walked down the streets of Hollywood in a chicken suit.   And I'm just going to tell you now that I don't have any pictures.  Which super sucks - but we were in such a hurry, and weren't allowed to bring phones, or cameras, or anything into the studio.  I was so exhausted afterwards, that I totally forgot to hurry and snap a quick picture.  Oh well.  Perhaps we'll recreate it it some time.

We found where we were supposed to be lined up, which wasn't really very hard, because everyone in line looked just as ridiculous as we did.  We ended up standing in line and waiting for about 3ish hours.  And I'd just like to remind you that I was in a chicken suit, in the middle of the afternoon, in California.  You do the math.  We finally got into the air conditioned studio where we got a seat right in the front and right behind where Wayne Brady does all his deals.  So yes, my big ass chicken self is in about 80% of all the freakin' shots - at least that's what it felt like.  Every time I looked up at the TVs, it was either Shawn or I in the background.  Which is mostly hilarious and awesome - and only semi-depressing, because I was sweating like a damn pig the entire time.  We didn't get picked for any deals - which kind of sucked.  But it was still WAAAAAAAAAY fun!  I highly suggest it to anyone that is around the L.A. area.  Every time they took a break the crowd just turned into a huge dance party.  It. was. awesome.  Would it have been even more awesome to win 25,000 dollars?  Sure.  But we still had a fabulous time!  They weren't sure when that particular episode was going to air, but my guess is sometime in October or November.  Ya'll know I'll tell you the second I know - and then remind you every day to watch it.  So even though I don't have pictures right now, you will get more than enough when the show airs.  Promise.

I was so exhausted afterwards from all the dancing, screaming, and clapping (seriously, try clapping for an hour and a half straight - and tell me how your hands feel afterwards) so we drove back to our hotel and relaxed.  The rest of the weekend didn't consist of much else, except soaking up the sun at the beach... Turns out that anything much beyond that is really expensive!  The beach felt really nice though.  You know, until a seagull took a pretty little dump ALL. OVER. ME.  Not even kidding.  I don't know what I did to piss off that particular seagull, but there was crap on my legs, shorts, and swimsuit.  Super disgusting, I know. I gotta hand it to him though, if I were a seagull, I'd probably do the same thing.  Go around and steal everyone's food, then shi all over the most unsuspecting people.  That has got to be a rockin' good time for seagulls.

There were a few things that Utah has that California doesn't...

-Clean, spacious freeways.
-BBQ chicken pizza from Pizza Hut (California "don't have no BBQ chicken pizza" apparently.  True story.)
-Subways that accept Subway cards (Shawn handed the dude his Subway card to get some points and the guy was like, "Uh, so, what is this for?"  Seriously?)
-Potty trained seagulls.

But seriously, we had a really good time.  It was really relaxing and nice to get away.  We almost didn't make it back on the flight for the way home - but the Standby Gods were watching out for us and we just barely made it on.  WOO.

I realize this post is totally lacking pictures and videos - and well, a general lack of amusement or humor... But I can't find my video camera, my husband isn't sending me the video from his phone, I work in 3 minutes, and I think you guys will survive!



  1. Sounds like ya'll had so much fun!
    hahahaha about the seagull. But if anyone ever asks for a fun fact about yourself, you've got a funny one!

    They don't have BBQ Chicken pizza?!

  2. I wish there was a like button for blogs. I would def like this post. :)

  3. I can't wait to see that ep, haha :) Okay, so, I've actually never even seen that show.... but who knows? I might watch one ep, become obsessed, then fly out to CA just to put on a chicken suit or hippie costume & dance around with a bunch of other dressed up strangers on TV. Yep! Sounds like a partyyy :)

  4. With all the crazy crap that happens to you, I can't believe you didn't get picked for a deal. Way to use your flight benefits though. :) I miss those from when my sis worked for SW. I was rolling in buddy passes. Sigh...

  5. One question...who packs a chicken suit?
    Ok and another when does the show air??