Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anxiety Issues Much, Toby?

And people tell me I'm not ready for the messes kids create.  Last I checked, 1 year old children chewing through baseboards wasn't too common.  Just saying.  

Bring on the disasters.  Anything a kid could potentially ruin, I can just about guarantee you my dog would ruin it eleventy billion times worse.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find where the mysterious dog urine smell is coming from.

Because my life is awesome like that. 



  1. Your puppy needs a buddy! My pup did the same thing. He ate the bottom half of an entire venetian blind set off a sliding glass door in one sitting once. I was disturbed, to say the least. Yes, kids are easier. Unfortunately, they also learn to talk, and then they tell you they pooped in the closet, "Just because!"

  2. Kids are easier than dogs. I've done both.

    See, a child eventually reaches the age of accountability and learns right from wrong and how to reason and understand logic.

    A dog never gets baptized. A dog never reaches this age of accountability. A dog never really learns.

  3. Oh my. As a mother of a destructive toddler I can safely say that he has not chewed on baseboards. Now my asshole dog is in the process of ripping our linoleum flooring off. Do the math.

  4. Oh.... no... that's not good! Do y'all crate him?

  5. I've stumbled upon your blog here and there... Love your writing style!

    As for the dog, dear Lord, he really is testing your patience!!!

  6. Oh my!!!!

    Ack it's been too long since I check your fine blog (blame it on the wedding, ok?!).

    Sounds like Mr. Toby might need a Kong, or teeth removed.
    good luck!