Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh, Husband.

Today as I filled out our monthly calendar, I asked my husband if he could think of anything I was forgetting.  Without hesitation, he took my marker, and I came back and found this...

Ah, men.  So endearing.


  1. Oh, that's sweet- he gave you some days off!

  2. I have followed you and stayed silent for far too long.

    Your life is like mine -- only 30 billion x funnier. Or at least you make it seem like it is. Love the blog. Love the husband tales, the dog tales -- i know it all. I only know you through Collette's blog - but feel like we're friends already :)

  3. Ah men...they're so innovative aren't they. It's a wonder there is even such a thing as wars. I would think they would all be too busy planning their next night of passion...

  4. LOL! I swear, he and Greg have similar tendencies.

  5. I'm pretty sure my husband would do the same thing. Hilarious.

  6. They try, don't they? Just as long as they don't touch the laundry... who knows what might happen then!! :)

  7. hehehehehehehe!!!!!!

    i have MISSED coming and reading here. :) bah! i hate having my summer stolen out from under me.

    anyhow, i have a calendar sleeve a lot like that one, has the same pattern to it, only it's a 3-sheeter so i can keep daisy's sports schedules at my finger tips too. LOVE IT!

    i'll have to show my hubby your hubby's idea of family scheduling. he'll totally get a kick out of it too!!!! ::hugs::

    luv ya.

    like a fat-me loves mayonaise, by the spoonful! (sadly for my waist, that's a lot!)

  8. btw, i'm hopping on my husband's phone and gonna find ya for some words with friends. he's got the phone most of the time, so don't be surprised if you wind up playing against both of us! ::hugs::