Friday, September 30, 2011

A Few Pictures

From my phone.
4 of which I took in the last 5 minutes.
Because all the awesome stuff is on my husband's phone.

Also?  I published this a tad prematurely by accident.  And that annoys me on so many different levels.

Moving on.

 These Tootsie Rolls have been sitting in our candy dish for about two weeks now.  Moral?  Red trumps blue in flavor (and in football).  Besides, who likes blue Tootsie Rolls anyways.  Or blue anything for that matter?  I'll take red flavor over blue flavor any day.

 I'm pretty sure my dog is a ninja.  Though his stealth mode could use some polishing.

 High five for anyone who knows where these came from.  Thank you, Pinterest.  There's a butt ton of workout "pins".  Some motivate me.  Some depress me.  And some I want to bitch slap.  You know,  the ones that say something to the effect of, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."  Seriously?  Have you ever had a Coconut Dream?  I respectfully disagree.  Anyways, I figured I'd give these workouts a go.  I was going to start with the blue one, and when I Jedi Mastered it's ass, I'd move on to the white one.  Well, don't worry that the first time I did the blue one, I didn't even make it to round 2.  It was those damn burpees.  (Which, by the way, burpee?  The heeeeell?  I had no idea what the heck those were until I YouTubed it.)  My goal is to be able to be able to repeat the whole thing 3 times in a row without feeling like I'm going to die at the end.  I feel like such a fat loser, because it winds the heck out of my every time, and it's like a 7 minute workout.  I'll get there.  Eventually.

Okay, remember that "garden" we planted?  We got a bunch of random flowers from WalMart and planted them.  Well everything has bloomed except these enormous leaf monsters.  Does anyone know what the heck these things are supposed to turn into?  I don't even remember what we planted anymore, obviously.  But I certainly don't recall us planting huge LEAF PLANTS.  I'm 94% sure they're going to grow into bean stalks.  Also, just ignore my refined photography skills.  And the weeds.  Ignore those too.

I just sent this picture I took this morning to Shawn with the following text message, "Just wanted to let you know that I love you! Oh, and that I'm not the only one who leaves the salad out.  :)"  Am I a superb wife, or what?  Bless that man for putting up with my pugnacious self.  He wins in the end though, because he's married to a genius who knows words like pugnacious.

This is clearly not a picture off my phone, but nevertheless I'm super excited for General Conference this weekend.  Even if you aren't a member of our faith, there are superb, uplifting messages to be shared with everyone.  Check it out.  You'll be glad you did!

Chelsea love you long time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thumb Ring, Bitch.

So I officially haven't blogged for almost three weeks.  

Not for a lack of anything interesting happening.  Because believe you me, crap is going down.

However, any post-enhancing pictures/videos I have are all on my husband's iPhone.  Since you know, he broke my camera and is an evil dictator who won't let me get my own iPhone.  (And by evil dictator, I mean the best husband in the whole damn world.)

In the last several months or so, I've totally lost my blogging mojo.  And it's not that I don't have time.  Because I have plenty of that to go around.  

But I'll kick myself into gear eventually.  Then you can hear all about the biggest dodge ball game ever.  And the circus.  And all the tricks our evil dog knows now.  And my hormonally imbalanced raging acne problems.    Amongst other really interesting things.  

Until then...

Peace and blessings, Internet.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Can't Touch This

Bullet time!

funny gifs

-We managed to recover from our expensive weekend from Hell.  The Jeep repair only ended up costing about $200.  And normally I wouldn't say it only costed $200.  But when you have a BMW that costs over $500 to repair every. single. time, it's a breath of fresh of air to see a car repair bill for only $200.  We're still waiting for the final say on what exactly is wrong with Shawn's car.  It's times like these where I'm glad I work from home, because with only one car, we'd be a tiny bit SOL.

-This last weekend I got hit with a super random cold, and ended up staying home while Shawn went and did who knows what with his buddies.  Long story short, I watched the first episode of Pretty Little Liars, and now I can't stop watching it.  Because apparently I'm still thirteen years old.  The best part?  Shawn started watching it with me, and he's totally sucked in too.  And I'm sure he'll be thrilled that I announced that to the internet.  He probably just watches it because he loves me, and knows I like to have someone to talk about stupid shows with.  But it's funner to say that he's getting in touch with his inner tween girl and is secretly 
enjoying it.

-The circus is coming this month.  And I don't know if you remember.  But I love the circus.  I don't even care if you judge me.  It's awesome.

-I finally have weekends off.  And it is the best feeling ever.

-My Words With Friends on my iPod is on the fritz.  It won't let me log on to finish my GAMES.  Luckily I discovered that I can play on my Facebook.  SO, if we were in the middle of a game about a month ago, I promise I didn't just stop because I got bored.  Because honestly, I love nothing more than to win that game.  Especially against people I know are cheating.

-I started clipping coupons, and honestly, I feel like it's kind of a huge waste of time.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.  But I feel like coupons either make you buy something you don't usually buy to get a discount, or buy 5 of something you usually only buy 1 of to get a discount.  So I suppose in the long run it adds up.  But I'm certainly not that patient.  However, I'll still clip coupons.  Because I love pretending to be frugal.  And sometimes I secretly love being the annoying broad who whips out 473 coupons and makes everyone wait 5 extra minutes in line.

-I finally got a passport.  And setting aside the fact that my picture makes me look like I'm 900 pounds, I'm super excited about it.  The first place I'll probably use it is on our Carribean CRUISE in January.  Yahtzee!

Aaaaand, I'm drawing a blank.

So, yeah.