Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thumb Ring, Bitch.

So I officially haven't blogged for almost three weeks.  

Not for a lack of anything interesting happening.  Because believe you me, crap is going down.

However, any post-enhancing pictures/videos I have are all on my husband's iPhone.  Since you know, he broke my camera and is an evil dictator who won't let me get my own iPhone.  (And by evil dictator, I mean the best husband in the whole damn world.)

In the last several months or so, I've totally lost my blogging mojo.  And it's not that I don't have time.  Because I have plenty of that to go around.  

But I'll kick myself into gear eventually.  Then you can hear all about the biggest dodge ball game ever.  And the circus.  And all the tricks our evil dog knows now.  And my hormonally imbalanced raging acne problems.    Amongst other really interesting things.  

Until then...

Peace and blessings, Internet.


  1. lol! not gonna lie, i have missed your sarcastic self! terribly. but i've also been bloggerly-challenged this past season. perhaps with the onset of autumn things will slow down. HA! yeah right. they called me back into YW and i'm not sure my head's gonna be able to stay on. don't get me wrong, love the calling & have missed the girls tons. its just a lot lately is all. plus they haven't filled my RS calling yet, so i'm pulling double-duty until after the super saturday & they fill my shoes! so, hopefully that'll be soon. ::hugs::

    p.s. was thinking about ya the other day when i saw a ring that'd go PERFECTLY with your elephant ring!!! (btw, how was the circus again this year?) check it out here:
    told ya. totally smashing, right?!
    (and sooooo goes with the title of this post!)
    i also think of you each time i cuss at my stupid samsung cellphone, and envy my hubby's iphone! NO LIE! i have NEVER hated a phone as much as i despise this one!!! it's just one model up from the one you & i both had, but i can't stand it. everytime it gets stupid i wonder if yours gives you fits like these as well. just thought you should know. :)

  2. You mentioned circus and raging hormonal imbalance in one post...I'm impressed.

  3. I have missed you so! My blogging mojo feels a little stretched right now, too. I just started to take pictures of everything in hopes that it would inspire a post. Luckily it has for a few different posts. Hope to see more posts soon!!!

  4. AW! We miss you! Come back! Get an iphone!

  5. I almost emailed you the other day and demanded a post, but then I thought that could be weird. Almost as weird as this comment. ha..haha. Anyway, we miss you! Come back!