Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Chelsea, and I Like Talking About Myself

Remember back in the day when all the cool kids would post 20 random and completely irrelevant things about themselves on Facebook?  (And by 'back in the day', I mean two years ago.  And by 'cool kids', I mean me.)  And remember how when I have nothing better to blog about, I do surveys?  And even though I've already done it once, I'm doing it again.  Because as fate would have it, nothing interesting has happened since Tuesday.  Unless you count raking way too many bags of leaves and scooping about 938 turds off my lawn.  And if you count that, then I feel sad for you.  

Let's get this party started, yo.

1.  In the event that anyone were to torture me to death, all it would take is a never-ending reel of Old Navy commercials.
2.  I've never seen any Lord of the Rings movie all the way through, if at all.  Nor do I have any intention of doing so.
3.  If I were to get a tattoo, I'd get a rainbow on my stomach.  And then I'd Care Bear Stare people whenever humanly possible.
4.  94% of the time, I'd rather clean the toilet than do the dishes. 
5.  I had an imaginary friend when I was younger.  His name was Tudunt.  He was black, had blue hair, and lived in a tree in my backyard.  He ran away and got married and I never heard from him again.
6.  I hate using Mac computers.  They make me feel like an 87 year old.
7.  My maxed out bench press is in the 92nd percentile.  Whaaaat!
8.  I've never been more self conscious of my body than I am right now.
9.  Though I've become significantly less social over the years, I really miss having girlfriends.
10.  I wear flip flops in Winter as my own personal way of flipping off Mother Nature.  (Unintentional pun, FTW!)
11.  If I'm listening to a good song in the car and my phone rings, I don't answer.  Even for my husband.  (Wife points.)
12.  Our Thank You cards from our wedding are still sitting in a box in my office half done. 
13.  I'm currently battling infertility.  And it's one of the hardest, most heartbreaking trials I've ever faced in my life.
14.  I love checking the mail every day.  Even though 98% of the time it's junk for people I've never met in my life.
15.  I still have a cupcake I made last Thanksgiving sitting in my kitchen.  It was that good.
16.  Girls with squeaky Minnie Mouse voices, or squeaky Minnie Mouse sneezes, or squeaky Minnie Mouse yawns irritate the everloving hell out of me.
17.  If I clean a room, I have to be the one who vacuums it.
18.  I have a knack of asking really ridiculous questions before actually thinking about them.  Like if there are lions in Utah.  Or if ducks can fly.  Or if an artichoke is an animal.
19.  I will correct you if you incorrectly use the word good.  Example: "Sleep good!"  No.  Sleep well.
20.  I've peed in the shower before.
21.  I love saying things purely for shock value.
22.  When I was young, I used to think the word bikini was a bad word.  
23.  I collect spoons.  And have over 50 from around the world.
24.  People who count calories stress me out.
25.  I was originally only going to do 20 of these, but decided 20 was a bad place to end.  For obvious reasons.

I'm Chelsea, and now you know forty five things about me.

And then some.



  1. You are amazing. I haven't seen any LOTR movies either! And your imaginary friend? WTH.... awesome.

  2. My imaginary friend was a boy named Joshua. Never EVER Josh, it was always Joshua. I tried to convince my parents he was going to kidnap me and drag me to the moon.

    They never believed me. Which is good, because I'm terrified I would be the one who's helmet broke once I stepped into zero oxygen.

  3. I'm so sorry you're dealing with infertility. You will make a fun, awesome mom someday, and I'm hoping that happens for you sooner rather than later. Anyone who has the genius idea to Care Bear Stare people with a stomach tat will rock the mom gig. Hang in there. :)

  4. I'm sooooooooooooooo incredibly peeved right now! Had a fabulous little response for all that we have in common on the #'s but google dumped it ALL! Bad words, bad words, bad words! Just know that I hear ya on the infertility all the way. It'll be 10 years in March, and still nothing for Mr LKP & I. Still just have our one & only. As for the body-conscious situation, I know how you feel and I have finally (at the age of 32, with a gym membership that goes untouched EVERY month -ouch is right, my checking account is pissed!) decided I don't care anymore. Really & truly. I'm not obese, but I'm not my former 17 year old version of me, nor am I magazine-worthy by any means. I just woke up one morning and decided I would liberate myself and not care anymore. Crazy part? In the weeks since then, clothing & jeans that were otherwise snug prior are a bit loose now. Not loose enough to go down a full size, but enough where I'm feeling very comfortable in my own skin finally. Which is such a relief. I don't have a Minnie Mouse voice (or sneeze)... however I've been told my sneeze is more like that of a kitten or a cat. Can we still be friends? We're major LOTR nerds here. Mostly me, since I ADORE Tolkien's books. Please don't cross me off your Christmas card list! You're right, that cupcake of yours WAS pretty phenomenal! There was tons more I had said before, but I'm still so torked that I think my head will explode. Love ya oodles! Sorry have been pulled in a millions other directions lately. ::hugs::

  5. i feel we have much in common. i also have a stack of thank you cards for our wedding that i will never send. it's just too late. i bet our imaginary friends hang out, although mine was an elf named jimmy. fantastic skier. i really miss having girlfriends too. as great as it is to be married to a dude, girlfriends just hit the spot sometimes. i'm sorry you are self conscious of your body. been there. :( joining a gym was the BEST thing i ever did for that. also really sorry about the infertility. i can't imagine how difficult that has to be. if only we could see how things would turn out, so waiting wouldn't be so hard. i know we are blog friends, but if you ever want to be real life friends, i would love to hang out. :)

  6. I'LL be your girlfriend! Number 13 just made my heart drop- prayers for you! Confession time: I've peed in the TEMPLE shower...

  7. Chelsea, I love you. I totally miss our Laco cleaning bonding. I'm so sorry you're battling infertility. I've thought about how hard that would be. I can't even imagine. :( Don't know what else to say except that totally sucks and I'm so sorry.

    On another note, I totally remember Tudunt!!!! Tudunt! You are awesome.

    On a third note, I miss girlfriends too. I had mostly guy friends before I got married. That doesn't work when you get married and they get married. I am also terrible at making new friends. I don't know what it is. I just hate people too much sometimes. Ugh.


  9. I've been dealing with infertility too, for the last 4 1/2 years. If you want to read about it, here's my blog:

    May or may not be the same things you're going through, but I know I've found it helpful knowing others have faced it too and turned out ok.