Thursday, November 3, 2011

That One Time I Scarred My Dog For Life

Once upon a time I tried to show Toby a picture of himself as a puppy on my laptop, because dogs understand that kind of stuff.  You would have thought he was staring straight into the gaping jaws of Hell.  He hauled ass out of my room and into his kennel faster than pretty much anything (forgive my lack of a witty metaphor).  I saw an opportunity, and showed him my laptop screen whenever he needed to go to his kennel for bed.  Worked like a charm.

Until it didn't.

That's when I realized Toby was spooked by his own reflection in our body mirror.  He doesn't like the mirror.  At all.  One day when I was beyond irritated with him, and he wouldn't go to his bed, I did the mature thing and picked up the full size body mirror and chased him around the house until he went into his kennel.  Now whenever I even hint at picking up the mirror, he goes to his kennel.

Then one day I was sorting through all our Halloween crap... and I found this.

Do I even need to tell you how this one ended?  Other than my dog needing some serious therapy.  

I thought it was all fun and games, until one day I was crinkling up a bag to throw away, and Toby ran for his life when I looked at him.  Dead serious.  I've managed to strike the ever-loving fear of Chelsea into my dog. In the worst way.

I probably shouldn't plan on reproducing.



  1. No, no, no. Ability to instill fear is like, the most important skill a parent can have. I think you're all set. (I threw in the "like" to give myself more credibility.)

  2. OMG. That pumpkin freaks ME out.