Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm Like Santa. But Better.

Tonight I went to a Christmas party with my team from work.  Naturally, there was a White Elephant gift exchange after dinner.  And instead of being normal and finding some completely useless item in my house, or some wildly inappropriate sex toy, or some really disgusting food item.

I went the horrifying route.  

And I picked myself up one of these babies...

Yes, it's a tarantula.
Yes, it's alive.
Yes, it's bloody terrifying.

And yes, I'm awesome at presents.

(FYI: This post was either a picture of a disgusting, furry arachnid, or the grossly detailed story of my battle royale with the damn toilet that decided to clog up and spray poop water everywhere.  You're welcome.)


  1. HOLY CRAP. I would hate to be the person who gets that. That is scary!!!!

  2. Oh my good gracious!!! I think I would start crying if I opened that up!