Thursday, December 29, 2011

That One Time Toby Almost Ruined Christmas

(I started this post several days before Christmas.  Totally slacking it up in here.)

The other day while I was at home, watching the Game Show Network doing really important things, I got a phone call from my husband.  He had just gone to drop off his siblings at home, and they had Toby with them.  Shawn's voice was somber as he told me that "something sad had happened."  And naturally my first reaction is, "Who died?!"  And then he told me it had to do with Toby.  At which point I was sure he had leaned too far out the car window and plummeted to his death.  (Apparently I always jump to the worst conclusion.  And apparently that conclusion is usually death and destruction.)  He tells me Toby isn't dead and that he'll tell me the rest when he gets home.

Talk about one hell of a cliffhanger.  Thanks for that, husband.

Shawn comes home with Toby, who looks completely sheepish.  And my husband says, "Remember that life decision Christmas gift I was going to get you?"  He went on to tell me that he found the cutest kitten in the world that he had been keeping for me at his parents house for Christmas.  And then he went on to inform me that our dog, Satan, tried to KILL IT earlier that night.  Apparently he had clamped down on the poor thing and everything.  (Luckily, the cat was fine.  Shawn got the stupid dog before he starting shredding the cat.)  I can handle my dog ruining all my bras, my shoes, my baseboards, and virtually everything he touches.  But ruining Christmas is a bitch ass move, even for him.

And like any self-respecting adult, I proceeded to throw a major tantrum.  Screaming expletives at the dog, not only because he ruined the surprise - but because Shawn wasn't going to let me keep the kitten (that I hadn't even seen yet) anymore.  To say I was livid, would be a massive understatement.  While I was drafting up an ad on KSL to sell our dog, Shawn asked if I wanted to see the kitten.  Which only upset me more - because I knew if I saw the kitten, I'd want to keep him even more.  But because apparently I can't say no to holding a baby of any species, I gave in and went to go meet my Christmas kitty.

Long story short - I whined my way into keeping the kitten.  (Related: I respect the crap out of women who are able to give their babies up for adoption.  I couldn't even let a cat go.)   I plead Toby's case that he just wasn't used to being around cats, and all he needed was time and some good discipline and training (compliments of my solid Google searching beforehand.)  And I plead my case, that mostly revolved around babies, and the lack thereof in our little family.  And either I had kickass arguments, or my husband wanted to avoid another hormone-induced meltdown - in any event, we brought the kitten home a few days later.

We brought him inside in a kennel and naturally, Toby flew off the handle.  We started out by holding Toby back from the kennel and letting him just look at the cat.  The cat would hiss at him, and Toby would flip his shit - which went on for a few vicious cycles.  Finally Toby got to a point where we could let him go, and he would just sit by the cage, watch the cat, and whine every once in a while.  Then we took the kitten out of the kennel, with a leash on Toby and let them get used to that.

And now I'm pleased as punch to report that we can have both animals in the same room, un-kenneled and semi-supervised, and they're both fine.  I'm pretty sure Toby irritates the crap out of the cat though.  We're still working on teaching Toby to leave the cat alone.  He rarely lets him out of his sight - unless he's busy trying to eat cat poop.  Or cat litter.  Or cat food.


I have a bunch of videos on our video camera of the two of them "playing" - but they're not uploading to my Mac.  (Yeah baby!  More on that later.)  I have a few pictures of the cat though - he's not very easy to take pictures of, because he's such a freakin' spaz and rarely stops moving.  (Also, if you haven't noticed, the cat still doesn't have a name.  We're thinking Meeko, but I'm not sure if I like it yet or not.  Suggestions are welcome.)

Anyways, here are some halfway decent pictures.  

This is, hands down, my favorite picture of them so far.

So you can just go ahead and prepare yourselves now to be inundated with cat posts.  Everyone's FAVORITE, I know.

But not before I catch you up on our super awesome Christmas.  
More on that later.

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  1. OMG. BEBEH KITTEH!!!!!!!!! He is so cute and I literally LOLed at your favorite picture of them. Too funny. And darn you, Toby, for almost ruining Christmas! Baby kittens are the best!!!