Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Hella Mushy Valentine's Post

So, for Valentine's Day, I decided I was going to get my craft on and make something for my husband.  (You know, like the iPad I made him last year, except less cruel - and admittedly, less hilarious.)   I made this decision yesterday, because I'm a really good wife.  I Googled all sorts of crap, looked stuff up on Pinterest, and finally decided on that deck of cards with "52 Reasons I Love You" on it thing (I'm just about 78% positive you've seen this floating around Pinterest.  If not, Google it.)  I even spent $3.20 to buy the templates.  Watch out.

Anyways, after farting around with the templates for maybe 7 minutes, I got bored.  Further proving that I certainly don't have the attention span to craft much more than writing an I on a pad.  My husband got home, and I confessed to him that I didn't have anything for him for Valentine's Day.  To which he responded, "Eh, that's okay.  I don't have anything for you either."  Do we rock at Valentine's Day or what?  It may sound cheesy, but I don't really need any grand gestures of love to know how much my husband adores me.  Sure, flowers are pretty, and Lindor Truffles are little pieces of heaven in a wrapper... But it's just extra fluff.  I don't need presents to know Shawn loves me.  And I love that about our relationship.  (Note to husband: Hi! I still like presents.)  So even though tonight Shawn will be in class until 9, and I'll be working until midnight - I still wanted to tell him, and the entire Internet, 52 of the millions of reasons that I absolutely adore him.  (Akin to the time in high school I plastered his bedroom walls with hearts with reasons that I love him while his mom watched, only way less awkward.)  Sure, it's no artsy-fartsy deck of cards - but it'll do.

So, to my wonderful husband, here are 52 of the many reasons why I couldn't possibly live without you!

#1.  You are one of the most loving, genuine people I have ever met in my life.
#2. You have a beautiful testimony of our Savior and the Gospel, and you live your life as a testament to your convictions.
#3  You humor me with different names you like for our future children, and making a Word document to keep track of all the ones we agree on.
#4  You call when you're on your way home from work, just to shoot the breeze.
#5  You let me hog all the water in the shower because I'm always whining about how cold I am.
#6  You still give me "butt kisses" - even when I'm pretending to already be asleep.
#7  You don't yell at me for taking a ludicrous amount of time off of work.
#8  You cook amazing meals.
#9  You agreed to do another swimmer test, even though you passed the first one.  And even though it means no Valentine's Day nookie.
#10  You are way too adorable with kids.  Even kids you don't even know.  It absolutely melts my heart, and makes me excited for the day you'll become a father.
#11  You let me check the mail.  Every day.
#12  You don't judge me for going for days without showering.
#13  You pray with me every night.
#14  You work hard to support our little family - harder than I've probably worked in my entire Princess life.
#15  You are usually the first to apologize when we're arguing, or giving each other the silent treatment - because I'm too stubborn.
#16  You've dealt with my snoring like a champ - especially for someone who told me once upon a time that you'd never marry someone who snored.
#17  You watch teenage girl TV shows with me.
#18  Your giggle is absolute music to my ears.
#19  You spoil me.
#20  You let me wear your clothes.
#21  You aren't embarrassed by my super classy blog posts.  And if you are, you hide it well.
#22  You hold my hand.
#23  You pretend to like the food I occasionally prepare, even though we both know it's most likely tastes like garbage.
#24  You'll watch chick flicks with me, and like them.
#25  You help clean - and if you're not helping, you're doing it all yourself.
#26  You walk around the house butt naked, and don't care if the entire neighborhood sees.
#27  You assure me that everything will be okay, when I'm pretty certain that it won't be.
#28  You give me back rubs.  Sometimes with ulterior motives, sometimes not.
#29  You're eager to please me.  And yes, I mean what you think I mean.
#30  You hang out with me while I work.
#31  You encourage me to hang out with girlfriends.
#32  You let me put my cold feet on yours to warm them up - when normally I'd swat your feet away if they were too cold.
#33  You courtesy flush.
#34  You encourage me to stay healthy, in a non-threatening way.
#35  You wipe away my tears when I'm sobbing like a baby.
#36  You squeeze my hand three times to tell me you love me.
#37  You love Toby and Bob like they were your own children.
#38  You chase Toby when he escapes from the house.  Because let's be honest, I'd never catch him.
#39  You're excited and eager to have a family.
#40  You have sexy black-man lips.
#41  You let me use your razor to shave my manstache, even if you think I'm a complete whack job for doing so.
#42  You play with my hair.
#43  You moon me when you're pretend mad.
#44  You warm your hands up with a blow dryer before putting your hand down my shirt.
#45  You sit next to me on the booth every time we eat out.
#46  You play footsie with me when you can't sit next to me.
#47  You tell me I'm beautiful.
#48  You stay home with me when I'm not feeling social.
#49  You are a wonderful example to me each and every day.
#50  You pray for our babies.
#51  You give the best hugs in the history of hugging.
#52  You love every part of me - mood swings, flaws, and all.

Happy Valentine's Day, HotPants!


  1. I love this post Chels! You two are so a wonderful couple :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. I so wish that my husband played with my hair...when I'm done having a good hair day of course ;)