Friday, May 18, 2012

More Updates on Dad

-Although he's still intubated, he's been initiating breathing on his own - which is good.  We're still not sure when we'll be able to get rid of the breathing tube once and for all, we have to take that day by day.

-He still has a pacemaker, but at this point it's being used for backup.

-His heart is infusing to 40%, which is a lot better than they were expecting.  (They were only expecting it to reach 35% capacity after recovery.)

-His kidney function wasn't as good yesterday, but today it has improved and is doing well with the diuretic that he's on.

-His pressure ulcers (bedsores) haven't healed quite yet - they're calling it a deep tissue injury at this point, and are keeping a cautious eye on it.  That said, it appears to be healing slowly but surely.

-They removed his chest tube today - which is a tube that removes any drainage - and that's good news.

-He did respond to a request to open his eyes, but couldn't track finger movement.  Beyond that, the only purposeful movements he is making is to try and get the breathing tube out - which is understandable, I can only imagine.

-Today they did a CT scan to check for hemorrhaging in his brain, and there was slight/mild edema (swelling), and they aren't quite sure of the cause quite yet, but they are consulting with the neuro physicians to find out the cause and treatment going forward.

The respiratory therapist said that even though this is new and scary for us, they see this all the time, and are confident that he's in a positive place.  With as many complications as he had going into surgery, it's no surprise that his recovery is off to a slow start.  Again, we deeply appreciate all the support and prayers in my dad's and family's behalf - thank you!



  1. Your dad and your family are in so many prayers. We love you all!

  2. Prayers said, give your mom a hug for me!