Monday, May 21, 2012

MRI Results, Breathing Tubes, and Answered Prayers

-The results of the MRI came back and showed that there was no major stroke activity, although it showed several small strokes in the deep white matter of his brain.  However, the doctor assured us that they didn't find anything that would be unrecoverable - so that's really good.

-After the MRI, dad was a lot more alert.  He was responding to more commands than he has been for the last week - which was around when we started our fast.  He started to nod and shake his head when we'd ask him yes/no questions - which was so nice to see.

-The nurses were able to sit him upright and dangle his feet off the edge of the bed, which he tolerated well.  He was able to sit up with the help of 5 nurses for about 10 minutes.

-And the most current awesome news... They took out his breathing tube today!


Can I get a hallelujah?!  And because he no longer has the tube in, they were able to take off his restraints, so he can move his arms around now. Hooray!  We firmly believe that it is no coincidence that it happened the day after we fasted for him.  Sayonara, breathing tube!

-The next step is going to be physical therapy, to get him stronger.  Then speech therapy - he won't be able to talk for a couple days, because his vocal chords are so swollen from the breathing tube being there so long.  He also won't be able to eat or drink for several days until they can confirm that he can swallow without difficulty on his own.

We've been waiting for dad to turn the proverbial corner, and it's nothing short of a miracle and an enormous blessing from God that he's been able to progress so well this weekend.  He still has a long road ahead of him, but words can't hardly express how amazing it is to see my dad purposefully responding to us, and squeezing our hands, and blinking his eyes to tell us he loves us.  Tears of joy are much better than tears of sadness.  And like I mentioned before, it is no coincidence that this is all happening at the same time we've fasted for him.  He was able to communicate to my mom how strongly he felt the spirit while we fasted - and what a blessing that is.  So thank you to all those who have prayed and fasted so fervently for my dad.  I believe with everything that I am that it's what has helped my dad's condition improve - and for that, we're eternally grateful.


  1. That's so good to hear! I'm so sorry for the pain that your dad and your family are going through, but grateful for the faith-affirming experience this has provided to me and so many others.

  2. Yaaaaaaay!!!!! I'm so happy your dad is at a turning point. I really hope he continues to improve and this is all just a memory soon.

  3. So scary, but we're so glad he's doing better now!!