Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quick Dad Update

Well, the last update was the best one thus far, and I'm happy to say that although my dad is bored out of his mind, he has continued to improve since Monday.  He's bound and determined to regain his strength and haul tail out of the hospital.  He was able to sit up today for 4 hours total, 2 hours at a time - which is much better than he's been able to do previously.  His voice still isn't at full capacity, but we've been able to understand a lot of what he's saying if we listen real carefully (and sometimes, not so much.  Like when my mom thought he was telling her that he had been cleaning with Jesus.)  His bed sore is starting to heal on its own, and the Wound Care Team and plastic surgeon seem to think that he won't need surgery - woo hoo!  He's still got his sense of humor, and tells us amusing stories about Indians he met and tropical islands he went to while he was away with the fairies.  All in all he is slowly improving, and like I've mentioned before, still has a long road ahead of him - but it's miraculous that he's still with us.  Dad's a trooper, and we couldn't be more happy that he decided to leave the Indians and tropical islands behind and come back to us!  Thanks, once again, for all the support and prayers in his behalf! 

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