Monday, May 14, 2012

Update on Dad

A few updates on my dad...

 -On Sunday his kidneys started to slow down a bit, which we were told is common for heart surgery patients.  It isn't necessarily a step backwards, just another hurdle to get over.   He was put on a diuretic drip to help, and he responded really positively to it, so that's good.  Today they dialed the drip back to see how his kidneys would function, and they slowed down again - so he was put on a different medication to see how it would help.  If worse comes to worst as far as his kidneys are concerned, he will be put temporarily on dialysis.

-Today they removed the balloon pump that was assisting his heart function - which is great news!  He'll need to be flat on his back for about 6-8 hours afterwards, after which a physical therapist will come in and assess my dad's situation, and what he'll be able to handle as far recovery is concerned.

-He's off his amnesia medicine, but is still extremely sleepy.  While he still isn't able to respond very well, he can hear what is going on around him.  He follows my mom's voice with his eyes, even when they're closed.  It's really sweet, actually.  For me, it's nice to know that he's still in there somewhere, even if we can't currently communicate like we'd all like to.

-He's developed a fever today, which may be an indication of an infection.  But they're proactively putting him on antibiotics while they wait to grow the cultures.  Results from a culture will take 2 days.

-Today they're putting him on a feeding tube, which is another step forward.  This will tax his heart a little bit, which is necessary for a healthy recovery.

 All in all, he's still stable and doing well, all things considered.  Not very many changes, but there have definitely been baby steps towards a successful recovery.  He's expected to be in the ICU for about a week or so, before he's transferred to a different floor.  We continue to receive an outpouring of charity, love, and prayers from friends, family, and neighbors - and we can't continue to thank everyone enough.  Know that your prayers are infinitely helpful, and our lives are being continuously blessed as a result.


  1. Oh! So much trouble!

    I'll say a prayer for him, Chelsea, and one for you as well.


  2. oh my lovely chels! i had no idea, reading this is the first news i've come across. sorry for being an even worse bloggy buddy than before. the accident has scrambled my life up a tad. so blogging & blog-reading has again taken a back burner. LUB U LADY! know that you guys are in my thoughts & prayers. hang in there. miracles happen. and they will continue. i promise. ::hugs::

  3. We are praying for your family. Tell them we love them and feel confident this will all have a happy ending. Thanks for keeping us posted.
    Karma Ward