Saturday, May 19, 2012

Updates and a Fast for Dad

-My mom was finally able to talk to the neurologist, who was worried that my dad may have had a stroke as a result of the atrial flutter.

-Yesterday they did an EEG to try and determine the likelihood of a stroke and/or seizures.  The results came back abnormal, because of the mild swelling in his brain - which we already knew.  It also confirmed that there hasn't been any seizure activity, which is good. 

-There are two main types of strokes, ischemic (blod clot in the brain) and hemorrhagic (bleeding in the brain).  The EEG confirmed that there wasn't any bleeding in his brain, so if he did have a stoke, it would have likely been a hemorrhagic one.

-Because the EEG results were somewhat non conclusive, they needed him to have an MRI - which he did today.  The transport for the MRI was a very risky situation.  They had to switch him to a special ventilator, make sure he was very sedated, and gave him a dose of something that would cause temporary paralysis, to avoid him from moving involuntarily.  We're happy to report that there were absolutely no complications with the MRI transport.  We should have the MRI results in the next few days.

-Just now, after the MRI, my dad was able to respond to the command to wiggle his toes and squeeze our hand, and while it took him great effort to do so, it is truly miraculous that he did anything at all.  He's currently not sedated, which may change depending on how safe or unsafe his condition is (blood pressure, coughing, etc.)

While we're thrilled that my dad has made some progress, he still has several more hurdles to clear.  Our family will be doing a fast for my dad this weekend, and we'd like to invite any additional family members, friends, neighbors, or anyone who feels so inclined to join with us.  Our family has seen many miracles and experienced many tender mercies as a result of fasting, and we truly feel that this will help my dad.  Thanks in advance for your continued prayers and support throughout this journey - words will never express how deeply grateful we are!


  1. Thanks for adding updates on Clark. It's really good to hear that he may be improving despite all the complicatons.

    Spencer Clark

  2. Your dad is my cousin and we love him so much! We are fasting with you today and praying with all our might. Thanks for all your detailed updates. Clark is in good hands! Lots of love to all of you-
    Sarah Crawford (Mary Anne's daughter)

  3. Praying that God will wrap your family in His arms and for complete healing.
    God is the great physician and "works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)