Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eff You, Thursday.

If I could ultimate punch today in the throat, I would.  Twice.

Instead I choose to mope around my house and throw myself the most epic pity party in the history of ever.

I'm sad.  And extremely irritated on multiple levels.

That's what happens when my shitty uterus fails me for the 48239048932048930th time.

A year and half of negative pee sticks, and you'd think I'd be use to it by now.

But I'm not.

I blame the treadmill.


  1. I'm sorry, Chelsea. I know these words seem stereotypical and probably won't help, but God truly has a plan. I love your blog--it brightens my day whenever you post because you're hilarious. Keep your head up, this WILL happen for you!

  2. i know that you don't know me. and maybe i'm not picking the best post to tell you this. but i just think you are one of the funniest people to blogstalk. i'm sorry that your uterus is being a bitch. hang in there - it'll work out. (and just so you know, i think it's your treadmill as well.)

  3. That sucks. If you've already gotten everything checked out, and it's just time that's kicking you in the crotch, feel lucky. It could be worse, you could not have a uterus, like my wife. So it'll happen eventually. Just be glad you have one.

  4. I hear that April babies are much better than March babies, anyway. We should get together and have a super duper mopey pity party. Pretty sure I went home yesterday and just slumped on the couch and didn't want to talk Bob (or anyone for that matter). I think I'll blame it on these pain in the ass (literally) cramps. Oh well. Think about it this way, when baby comes you will be so completely, unbelievably happy (unlike other women who aren't planning or expecting their babies). Even though this way is hard, it'll make the end result a bajillion times better. Hang in there. Better yet, throw something. That made me feel better.

  5. I am so sorry, my sweet friend :( Have y'all talked about possibly moving on to IVF? Please let me know if you ever have any questions or just need to vent. I wish I could give you a giant hug.

  6. :( i don't really have any advice. except i like that you're blaming the treadmill. march babies totally do suck.