Friday, March 15, 2013

Sleeping > Blogging

So, I realize that the whole "Throwback Thursday" kind of didn't happen yesterday.  Although, it isn't for a lack of trying.  I was going through some of my crap trying to figure out what to post, then got completely sidetracked by some of Shawn's home videos (which are all complete gold, by the way).  As I was about to fall asleep in bed, I finally realized that I totally spaced writing anything - and apparently sleep was more important at the time.  So, my bad.  

Anyways, because I'm lazy, here are some adorable pictures of myself to make up for missing yesterday.  (Oh, and for the record, I've totally started a "This-is-what's-happened-since-the-last-time-I-actually-blogged post - I just don't have the attention span to finish it right now.  So I promise it's coming.  Not that you should be anticipating anything epic, but, you know.)

So here are some nice and random pictures for you.

Do you love that they're all super old-school looking?  Ah, film cameras.  Anyways - these are some of the only ones I have scanned to my computer for now - but needless to say, there will be more in the future.

You know, unless I'm too busy sleeping.

Adios Bitchachos.


  1. You are too freaking precious!!!

  2. I have so many good memories of babysitting you guys and you looking just like that. Only sometimes a lot madder, haha. Oh, and I can totally see your face in my kids' faces. Aw.