Thursday, March 7, 2013

When I Grow Up

So, I promise one of these days I'm going to actually blog about my life and all the notveryexciting things that happen.  But today is Thursday, and you know what that means.

I feel like Throwback Thursday needs a theme song.  You know, kind of like Ellen does on her show for her segments.  Because I love Ellen.  Even though she hasn't shown up on my doorstep with $10,000 or a trip to Australia.  


Anyways, I decided to go with some Stevie Wonder - because he's a classy dude.

Good stuff.

Moving right along.

One of my favorite things to look back on is how I envisioned my future, and to compare it with how my life is now.  What I wanted to be when I grew up, goals I wanted to achieve - that kind of stuff.  A lot of the goals I set for myself, I've managed to achieve.  Others, not so much.


I wanted braces so much.  And glasses.  I have no idea why.  Apparently I felt like I was just missing out on life.  Way to dream big, Chels.

Ah, there we go with the actual big dreams.  With solid reasoning, to boot.

Yeah, I know.  What the hell kind of kid wants to grow up and be a janitor?  The even better part is that I did end up being a janitor for a few years.  Wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  Surprise.

And then of course I followed it up with this:

Well, I got the secretary one down... several times.  I tried photography in college, and ended up with a lot of really ridiculous pictures of inanimate objects like:

Yeah.  I turned in a picture of a garbage can for an assignment.  So needless to say that career path didn't work out.  

Also, you know how they make you take those stupid assessments in junior high and high school on what careers would best suit your personality?  

These are the options I picked out of the list it gave me as ones I would actually want to do: 

This was a different test - and my number one "area" to focus my career in.
So, my dad is an artist.  Like, a really good artist.  So I don't know if I just answered the questions on this one hoping that I could be more like him some day...  But let's just say I'm about as artistic as a block of cheese.  There's sure to be proof of that in future Thursday posts.

Clearly I was all over the map, career-wise.  I remember my parents telling me once that there were little people that worked in street lights, turning them from green, to yellow, to red.  I wanted to be a streetlight worker almost as bad as I wanted braces.  

Have I mentioned that I was also absurdly gullible?  You know, like the time I built a snowman and waited for him to come to life after I put his hat on.  

And sobbed for hours when he didn't.  (Also, how adorable am I?!)

Anyways, I digress.  

I hope my younger self isn't too disappointed that instead of starring in movies or handing out burgers at McDonalds, I hang out on Twitter and Facebook for a living.  And hopefully someday I'll be able to do something I've always wanted to do, and raise a family.  That's sure to include some choreography, janitorial work, and teaching - right?

I was going to include a list of the goals I've made for myself throughout the years, but since this post is getting lengthy, and the goals are just your average, "Get married, have kids, ride a camel" type things - we'll just save those for another day.

What did you want to be when you grew up?


  1. All I wanted was to work at Lagoon.

  2. I wanted to be a librarian because I thought I could just sit around and read books all day. I wanted to by a psychiatrist, until I found out you had to go to medical school. And I also really, really wanted braces. GOAL ACHIEVED!!

  3. hehehe, i sure dig you lady! seriously an awesome post. sadly this is the first blog-reading i've done of anyone's blog in recent months (don't YOU feel special?!). but hopefully i'll be able to visit more regularly again. we have a big mr. columbia pageant fundraiser for my daughter class, and my fingers are crossed that we'll get back to normal once that's out of the way. funny thing though, i'm SO glad you turned to good old stevie wonder on this track, cause i've been struggling with some of the music line-up for the fellas sportswear modeling competition, and i'm SERIOUSLY thinking i'm going to incorporate "i wish" into the playlist! thanks. i was going to use MJ's "bad" but the version i have is a remix and i'm not in love with pitbull on the track too. not the same MJ vibe of my youth. so anyhow, look how helpful you've been without effort! luv ya sugarfoot! ::hugs::