Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm a Snowflake, Dammit.

Hi Internet.

So it just occurred to me that I haven't done a throwback yet.  I know the anticipation is thick after the gems I gave you last week.  (Seriously, how am I ever going to top: "Sorry that I threw corn."?)  But alas, blogging on a consistent basis is apparently not my thing.  Instead, I got sucked into working on our budget.   

I know.

But, in my defense, this was after I found out that we didn't get that IVF grant we applied for back in February.  The one I was really hoping we had a shot at.  So, with our baby savings being more or less depleted, compliments of the government and the University of $#@%@#$!$#@%@#ing Utah, I started to panic and crunch numbers again.

I'm pretty bummed out that this whole savingforababy thing isn't going the way I would have liked it to.  Hell, I'm pretty bummed that we even have to "save for a baby".  But that's depressing, and I'm tired of being sad today.  So, instead of droning on about my completely ridiculous inability to create life, we're going to talk about some of the things I can do, and why I'm awesome.

According to younger me, of course.

Well, at least we know I've runned before.  (NotReallyRelated: My cursive still looks just about the same now as it did 15 years ago.)

Guys, I was really impressed with my front flip skills, in case you haven't noticed.  Also, every time I used to do a back bend in gymnastics class, I'd fart.  Every. time.  And not some silent, cute, little girl fart.  These were big, beefy, man farts.  It may have been the most mortifying thing on the planet, and I definitely got made fun of, but it didn't matter... Cause I could do a back bend.  

Okay, Chels.  Drawing?        ....notsomuch...

Yeah!  No one can color like me.  Take that.

 "I think I share well, but not that good."      <--- That.

Moral?  For every part of you that's broken, there's at least five more things about you that aren't.
You know, like your coloring and front flip skills.

Peace and blessings, Internet. 

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  1. Ugggghhh... I'm so, so sorry that you didn't get the financial assistance you were hoping for. You're right, it is so truly unfair to have to deal with "saving for a baby". Big giant, fluffy hugs to you. I really, really hope that things start falling into place for you soon.