Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So, I Finally Blogged. You're Welcome.

So, turns out it's August.

People keep telling me that I need to blog.  And I keep blissfully ignoring them, convincing myself that it hasn't been that long since I posted last.  

Well, it's time.

Instead of writing out 4390849032 pages worth of blog post, we're going to dumb it down a bit and do pictures this time.  Heaven knows I have plenty of those to go around.  Plus, don't they say something about pictures being worth a million words?  It's like, the same.  (You know, plus some commentary, of course.)  Some of them may or may not be from way earlier this year - stuff that I just never got around to blogging about.  And some of it will be more recent.  I'll still put it in bullet form, because I know living the last two months without Chelsea bullets was a mild form of torture.

 (Also, a few things: a lot of these will be Instagram repeats, sooo, if you've already seen them, sorry.  And secondly, they're not even kind of formatted, so you're going to have to scroll through a long line of pictures, which I know is totally obnoxious. Blame Blogger.)


Remember that one time I told you I'd blog separately 
about our trip to Dominican Republic back in May?  
Clearly that never happened.

Abridged version?
-All inclusive resort.
-Food was... edible.
-Jumped off waterfalls.
-Took cheesy Jesus statue pictures.
-Fed adorable village kids
-So. Humid.
-Hung out in New York for our layover.

 I really almost kidnapped these kids.  So cute.

 It rained so much that we couldn't drive across this.  So we took off our 
shoes and crossed it, while all the kids laughed hysterically at us.

Our taxi driver, Jesus.  Good guy.

Woke up to 800 pounds of bacon 
in my face one morning.  
Compliments of my husband, 
who is apparently under the
 impression I have the 
appetite of a damn T-rex.


Hung out with our 
friends at Planet Play, 
because it's fun to be 
7 years-old.

Husband started building our raised garden.  
(Which hasn't gotten finished yet, because our 
sprinkler system decided to be a little bitch.)


My brother finally came home from his LDS mission.  
(And is getting married in 2 weeks to my husband's ex-girlfriend.  
Which is a pretty amusing story for another time.)  

(Shawn's little sister came home from her mission too, but I
don't have any pictures of it.  Probably because she came
home at the butt crack of night.)

Shawn and I argued about whether or not our 
neighbors could see through our bedroom window.  
If you can see Shawn's butt, I win.

We went to a USA Gold Cup game.  We got rained on hard 
for the first 20 minutes or so.  And because Mother Nature was 
feeling bipolar, after we left, half of my face was sunburnt.  Which 
was super pretty.  Thanks for that, Utah.  Oh, and Shawn learned
 how to not be obnoxious in pictures.

We watched fireworks for the 4th of July.  Failed hard at taking the 
obligatory 'us watching the fireworks' picture.Turned out more like a 
'check out Chelsea's gums' picture.


We went to Durango, Colorado for a family 
vacation with my dad's side of the family.  
We stayed in a fancypants resort, called 
Purgatory.  Which is kind of weird, right?

We have a bunch of really tall trees in our backyard, that normally are really 
pretty and provide a ton of shade.  Except most of them are dead now, and their 
branches fall off and are spread from hell to breakfast in our yard.  Sooo, Shawn 
chainsawed the crap out of the ones that weren't a bazillion feet tall.  (I wish I had a 
picture after he cut them all down, it looked like a forest threw up in our yard.)

We took family pictures with Shawn's family the 
other day, and naturally took a few of our own.

We helped move my grandma out of her house.  Her and my grandpa had lived
 there for a while, so there was a lot of stuff to go through.  We found lots of really 
cool treasures, and some super creepy ass dolls. We even scored a crepe maker and a
 pool table out of it.  Woo!  (Not that we have anywhere to actually put 
the pool table.)

This is what nightmares are made of.  Horrifying Scream babies.

And then there's the animals.

Are you loving the enormous pile of laundry that's getting ignored?


Shawn takes creepy, unattractive pictures of me sleeping...

That Kleenex shoved clear into my brain is a nice touch.

So I take creepy pictures of him on the toilet.  
Wife points.

Blurred out for your convenience and comfort.  
Because Shawn couldn't have cared less, bless his heart.

Lest you think my husband isn't awesome enough.

So, this is long enough, right?

That was exhausting.

Well, not really.  But hello, A.D.D..


  1. That doll. Ahhhhhhhh!!! Your hair is incredible.

  2. Your hair is soooo long!! Why can't mine be that long??? Also, I used to live in Durango. I miss it.

  3. Wow, you guys have been busy!! What fun trips! And seriously, gimme your hair. And I found myself laughing at so much in this post. I can't see Shawn's butt, though. LOL