Proof That I Rule

I'm not very good at following blog award "rules."  Heck, I didn't even know there was such a thing as blog awards until recently.  But apparently if someone thinks you/your blog is the best thing since indoor plumbing, you get one.  The catch is that you're supposed to pass it on.  I definitely haven't done that.  Oops.  Instead I'm just going to show them all off here.  Thanks to everyone who thinks I'm cool.  I would be lying if I said that each and every one of these didn't send me into a fit of complete giddiness.  (Does that make my life sound sad?  Because it's not.  I promise.)  I am sincerely sorry if I miss anyone - sometimes my remembering skills basically suck.  

This here is my very first award is from the hilarious Kim @ The Zany Housewife

This one is from Lindsay @ Barefoot Adventures

This one is from Angela @ Tomorrow is Another Day

This one is from The Punk Rock Mom

This one is from Meg @ O Is Me

This one is from Janet @ My Semi-Charmed Life.

Some day I'll share the love and get some of these passed on.  Promise!